Unit 6. Velotyping

Introduction to Unit 6 by Wim Gerbecks

Unit 6 provides an introduction to velotyping. Besides learning the key combinations and starting to build up speed, it will also introduce the specific skills necessary for being an intralingual real time subtitler. Such as remembering sentences, dealing with difficult speakers and coping with non verbal elements.

When should I start? It is best to start learning the keycombinations on the Velotype as early as possible. This can then be practices in parallel with going through all the other units.

Prerequisites: none

Unit 6 has been assigned 5 ECTS/ECVETS.

Element 1. Psycho cognitive approach. How to listen and type simultaneously Element 2. Metalinguistic skills. Turning non-verbal elements into verbal Element 3. Typing skills Element 4. Editing skills Element 5. Factors for high performance Trainer’s Guide

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