Unit 1. Understanding accessibility

Introduction to Unit 1 by Aïda Regel Poulsen

Unit 1 introduces general concepts about accessibility and disability. The insights revealed by end-users and professionals will provide you with a better understanding of the needs and expectations of end-users and of how to set up accessible working environments.

When should I start? We recommend you start with this unit at an early stage of the training. Since this unit is a more theoretical one, we recommend you combine it with practical exercises from Unit 5 (Respeaking) or 6 (Velotyping).

Pre-requisites: none

Unit 1 has been assigned 3 ECTS/ECVETS.

Element 1. Accessibility, disability, multimodality and Universal Design Element 2. Target users and their needs Element 3. How to embed accessibility in working environments Trainer’s Guide

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