Reach your MARS

Most Accurate and Rapid Speech-to-text

The acronym MARS stands for “Most Accurate and Rapid Speech-to-text”. This online-based training space was created within the LTA project to help students to train and assess their accuracy in the creation of subtitles ( The tool is also used for the Intersteno-ECQA exam.

The tool provides you with access to different types of texts that are read aloud at an increasing speed. Trainees can reproduce the speeches either by velotyping or respeaking and receive automatic feedback regarding their performance.

The report generated by the tool shows the overall performance and accuracy rates, the MARS, and a detailed categorization of the errors (e.g., deletion, substitution, addition). With this tool, trainees can track their progress in their journey to reach MARS, i.e., an accuracy of 99%.

Click here; reach your MARS

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