Unit 2. Linguistic competence

Introduction to Unit 2 by Estella Oncins

Unit 2 introduces general concepts about linguistic competence. It provides basic skills to trainees to simultaneously listen to speakers, produce intralingual subtitles in real-time and check the quality of the subtitles produced.

When should I start? We recommend to teach Unit 2 after completing Unit 1. Unit 2 is a combination of theory and practice which is close related to the Respeaking and Velotype techniques. We recommend combining it with some practical exercises from Units 5 or 6 (Respeaking and Velotype).

Pre-requisites: none

Unit 2 has been assigned 3 ECTS/ECVETS.

Element 1. Functionality: accuracy, readability and legibility Element 2. Strategies to acquire and develop specific thematic knowledge Element 3. How to cope with speech-related challenges Trainer’s Guide

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