Unit 5. Respeaking

Introduction to Unit 5 by Silvia Velardi

Unit 5 provides trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform intra-lingual respeaking. This is a technique for creating real-time intralingual subtitles whereby respeakers listen to live inputs and simultaneously repeat in the same language to an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) software that turns them into written subtitles. Respeaking is now widely used to provide subtitling for the deaf and hearing-impaired in many settings, especially on television, but also for conference, parliaments and daily-life events]

When should I start? Being technique-specific, this unit has been designed to run parallel to the general units, and it is considered as the practical counterbalance of general units, which are more theoretical and illustrative. Thus, LTA partners recommend trainers to start this unit with the beginning of the course and end it with the end of the course.

Prerequisites: none

Unit 5 has been assigned 5 ECTS/ECVETS.

Introduction into respeaking Element 1. Psycho cognitive approach. How to listen and speak simultaneously Element 2. Metalinguistic skills. Turning non-verbal elements into verbal Element 3. Prosodic skills. Speaking fluently, quickly and unambiguously Element 4. Editing skills Element 5. Factors for high performance Trainer’s Guide

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