2020 – Online

6th November 2020 – Online 
Organiser: SUB-TI ACCESS

Sub-Ti Access and all LTA partners thank you for your participation on the online Multiplier

Topic: Accessibility as a human right: real-time intralingual subtitling and end-users perspective.

All videos of the LTA online Multiplier Event are now available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7qhCLtDxsd-21AC97RnEnMAXitf4xWH9. There you will also find the questions and answers from the event.

For instance, watch the video by our partner Aida Regel Poulsen (EFHOH) about how COVID-19 has changed accessibility in Europe.

Our partner Aida Poulsen (EFHOH): How COVID-19 changed accessibility in Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact the organisers, Federico Spoletti and Enrico Pigliacampo, if you have any questions: enricop@subti.com

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