2019 – Pisa – Italy

October 18th and 19th – Organiser: SSML

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We have planned two activities around the LTA curriculum developed in the project. A workshop for trainees to try out respeaking and velotyping, and, for trainers, materials and a presentation to discuss the LTA curriculum.

  • Workshop: Write faster, even in real-time
    18 October 2019- H.3-6 p.m.
    Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici, Polo B – Via Galli Tassi, n. 12 – Pisa

Note: Participation is free. Registration is required.

Register here: https://forms.gle/wSaDFHQ26musNk4F6

  • Presentation: Real-Time Subtitling LTA Curriculum – Training and Teaching
    19 October 2019- H. 5-6 p.m.
    Palazzo dei Congressi, Via G. Matteotti, n.1 – Pisa

Note: Participation is restricted to La Giornata del Traduttore attendees.

Register here: https://lagiornatadeltraduttore.it/iscrizioni-gdt

Looking forward to seeing you in Pisa!


How many times have you found yourself working until late at night in order to meet a tight deadline? How many times have you turned down a commitment due to a too close deadline? How many times have you regretted not being able to type faster and to use all ten fingers?

This workshop is an activity framed into the Erasmus+ LTA project (http://ltaproject.eu)
co-funded by the European Commission (ref.num: 2018-1-DE01-KA203-004218). It is
intended to design and implement free online material for the training of realtime subtitlers for hard-of-earing people. The workshop has been conceived in order to meet both the needs of the participants to La Giornata del Traduttore and those of practitioners and trainers interested in the LTA curriculum. The sessions will be divided into two parts.

On the one hand, the theoretical part will be devoted to two different kinds of fast-typing techniques, which will make you able to produce a over-120 wpm text: respeaking and velotyping.

In particular, you’ll learn

  • How to use the most important fast-typing techniques
  • The basic concepts of deafness and the real-time subtitling
  • What being a professional means both in Italy and abroad. [1]

On the other hand, the focus of the practical part will be on the respeaking technique, namely on the use of the voice in order to produce a fast-spoken text. You’ll learn:

You’ll learn: 

  • The functions of the fast-typing software on the market
  • To use your voice in order to write faster and with no mistakes
  • To increase your ability to produce a translation text [2].

The present workshop is intended for translators and interpreters who, even having different needs, could find it useful to learn a new technique which not only increases their text production capability, but rather opens to new emerging niches of the market, such as extra and intra-lingual subtitling.

In order to attend this workshop, we recommend you to bring with you: 

  • A laptop and headset;
  • A speech recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 or newer versions)
  • A great desire to challenge yourself!

This workshop will please those who:

  • really want to widen their professional backgrounds
  • want to start a real-time subtitling training
  • would like to acquire new fast-typing techniques
  • want to discover what is going on in Europe in terms of accessibility
  • want to discuss the LTA curriculum with the LTA partners.

Note: The participation is free. Registration is required. The workshop will be in English with English and Italian subtitles. During the event, the results of LTA project will be presented.


The hybridization of the conference interpreting market is slowly contaminating the translation market, bringing these two poles of linguistic mediation closer and closer. An example of this is real-time subtitling, where the professional listens to a speech and simultaneously produces the target text (as in simultaneous interpreting). The target text, however, is not a speech but a written text (as in translation) accessible to the target audience.

Increasingly widespread in Italy and abroad, real-time subtitling is a sector mostly aimed at the accessibility of the deaf and hard-of-hearing people to television programs and live events, but it is gradually conquering other markets such as conference interpreting and the verbalization in real time of boards of directors and of public administration gatherings.

To better understand how the EU invests in real-time intralingual subtitling; what are the skills that a translator or interpreter can acquire to approach this profession; and how it can be trained in this sense; speeches will focus on the description of the Erasmus + LTA project (http://ltaproject.eu), to then proceed to the illustration of the competences required by the profession and finally discuss together with participants the curriculum and planned training materials produced by the LTA project for the training of the real-time subtitler.

ORGANISATION: STL Formazione & European School of Translation


LTA participants will speak in front of the GDT (Giornata del Traduttore) audience. As in the previous event, LTA partners will present project results with a focus on IO2 (Carlo Eugeni, IO2 leader; Wim Gerbecks, IO3 leader, Estella Oncis, IO4 leader). A moderated discussion with participants will take place to gather their feedback. The two main profiles of the prospective participants are: trainers and freelancers working in the field of Translation as well as translation students.

LTA will also organise an information desk for registration and for dissemination purposes to provide attendees with informative handouts (e.g. LTA leaflets, visual representation of the LTA curriculum, an example of the Trainers’ Guide). Furthermore, participants will be able to express their written consent to be contacted at later stages in the project. The speeches will be subtitled by 2 live captioners: one in presence into Italian, and one from remote and online into English. The speeches will be subtitled by 2 live subtitlers: one in presence into Italian, and one from remote and online into English. All will be managed by SSML, as partner in charge of Event 2

Webpage: https://www.mediazionelinguistica.it

Contact us: silvia.velardi@gmail.com

[1] Some introductions and overviews will be given by LTA partners on TV live-subtitling (Julia Borchert – ZDF-DIGITAL), subtitling live-events (Enrico Pigliacampo – SUB-TI), the deafs’ and hard-of-hearing needs and expectations (Marcel Bobeldijk – EFHOH), ECQA certification (Gabriele Sauberer – ECQA).

[2] Teachers: Carlo Eugeni, respeaker and IO2 leader; Silvia Velardi, respeaker and IO2; Wim Gerbecks, velotypist and IO3 leader. Information desk: SDI, ECQA, EFHOH, ZDF-Digital.

[3] STL Formazione (Studio di Traduzioni Legali).

[4] SSML (curriculum description), SDI/UAB (learning outcomes), Velotype (training material).

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