Modular curriculum design

This intellectual output has been completed. IO2 report explains the rationale and provides implementation pathways for the LTA curriculum in vocational and academic settings. To download the report, click here: LTA-IO2-report (opens in a new tab)

The second IO covers a curriculum and course design in intralingual real-time respeaking and velotyping.

SSML, leader of IO2, has vast experience in curricula design and in the training of real-time subtitling by respeaking. Velotype will actively participate in the creation of the training module devoted to this technique. All partners will be heavily involved since the goal of providing a course to train skills that match the market and respond to end users’ needs can only be done by following an inter-sectorial approach. The leader will guide the process with the rationale of Universal Design in mind. The LTA modules will cater for the needs of students with and without disabilities.


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will lead this IO.

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