2021 – Online LTA – Live subtitling through respeaking and velotype

Final project conference

9 July 2021 – Online

EU Project Ref: 2018-1-DE01-KA203-004218

Respeakers, velotypists, live captioners and real-time subtitlers, speech-to-text reporters and interpreters, and all related professionals are invited to this one-day event on real-time intralingual subtitling.

Live Text Access (LTA) is an EU funded project that tackles the current need of an open-source certified training program with harmonised competence-based modules and quantified credits for higher educational (ECTS) and vocational (ECVETS) training.

At this last event, LTA partners will report about the final stage of the project and give an overview about the achievements so far. They will present the elaborated materials, and outline the importance of the quality assessment.

The LTA certificate will be explained and an overview of the developments in the field will be provided. Furthermore, a live speech-to-text competition will be part of the event. The program also includes speeches that will approach the view of the end-users of speech-to-text-services. And during the networking sessions, participants will have the opportunity to exchange their views and ideas on current developments.

A live speech-to-text competition will take place too! Take the challenge!

The participation is free. Registration is required


LTA – live subtitling through respeaking and velotype: training, certification and technology

Hosted by ZDF Digital Medienproduktion GmbH. Moderated by Marcel Ehrlich (ZDF Digital) and Dr. Rocío Bernabé Caro (SDI München).


10:00-10:15OPENING by project leader Rocío Bernabé Caro (Deputy Head of the Translation College of the SDI München) + Julia Borchert (Editor for Accessible Media at ZDF Digital)
10:15-10:45Live Subtitling from the perspective of a TV broadcaster
Speaker: Nicola Foltys (Head of the department for accessibility at ZDF)
10:45-11:15Speech-to-text Interpreting meets User Experience Design
Speaker: Anja Rau (Speech-to-text interpreter)
11:15-11:30Coffee break
11:30-13:00Presentation of LTA project results:

IO3: An overview of the LTA materials
Speaker: Wim Gerbecks (CEO Velotype)

IO4: The importance of quality assessment with end users
Speaker: Estella Oncins (Researcher at the UAB de Barcelona)

IO5: The LTA certificate for european intralingual Real-Time Subtitlers (Respeakers and Velotypists)
Speaker: Gabriele Sauberer (Vice President of ECQA) + Krystian Wawrzynek (Member of the Intersteno Board)

Reaching MARS – the speech-to-text competition (live)
Speaker: Alessio Popoli (onA.I.R. – Intersteno Italia)  + Carlo Eugeni (University lecturer for respeaking/SSML)
13:00-13:45Lunch break
13:45-14:15Developments in the field and future research pathways
Speaker: Pablo Romero Fresco (Member of the International Research Centre GALMA for media access – Universidade de Vigo)
14:15-15:00Closing (short remarks) with open discussion afterwards with partners and Pablo Romero Fresco
Speaker: All LTA partners
15:00End of the conference

The conference will be subtitled in English.

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