Intellectual Output 1

Skills of the professionals and best practices in training
The objective of this IO is twofold:


Define the skills and competences of intralingual (in the same language) real-time subtitlers.


Identify methodological and curriculum best practices.

To do so, on the one hand, we will identify the key skills and competencies of the intralingual real-time subtitler, regardless of the technique students will use to produce the subtitles (respeaking or velotyping). The skills and competencies will be structured as skills cards (learning outcomes) into competence areas, learning objectives, and performance criteria. This framework will provide the bases for a modular curriculum design (objective of IO2), for task-based learning materials (objective of IO3), for assessment (objective of IO4), and for the certification (IO5).

The innovation of this first intellectual output lies on the fact that it will be the very first description of a certified real-time intralingual subtitler (professional profile) and that of respeakers and velotypists (related roles), based on the European Guidelines for certification.

IO1 is finished. Here you can find the results: LTA_SDI_Report IO1_Skills survey


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